God’s Court Clerk

On the 17th day of the 17th year, God’s Court Clerk did arrive
With Mankind’s New Principals in hand, and a warning enclosed inside!

You are being offered one last reprieve, one chance to change your minds
The offer being given, would mean leaving the old ways behind!

Your reprieve will have demands, breaking the chains that bind
For if Man fails, Mankind will be erased from time!


The New Principles of Man



I offer up a second warning, warning number two
For Mankind’s demise, the path could not be straighter, more true!

To the false leader, a martyr, your own scheme and plot
Men from the night, nestled close, whisper, convince you of what’s not!

They will offer you up, blame innocents, bind the truth with lies
Your name used to deny millions, your name forever coupled to their crimes!




The Fuehrer shivers in the blackness, forever, mumbling of his time
Each word brings him pain, the pain of those he denied!

For those who embrace the Fuehrer’s hate, or love his twisted lines
Your destiny, when your time comes, will now be defined!

For you will feel the same pain, as you will share his mind
Listening to him mumble, and beg, for the rest of time!




Rituals, sacrifices of life, creatures offered up to die
Demanding the pain, blood of other creatures, is one of man’s lies!

Rituals, edicts, doctrines, stops questions that should be asked
Mankind must move forward, away from the brutal and bloody past!

Man is no longer Ignorant, Mankind understands the forces that be
No offering of pain, no blood, no killing, sacrificing creatures will not get you a reprieve!




The soul does not enter the body, until offered a conscious mind
Your will, your spirit, is awakened at that time!

The heart would seem a likely vessel, the core of your life
But the soul’s place, imagination, free will, memories, is still your mind

Minds, sprits, souls, brought to the world, unwanted, unloved, then reviled
A fate for some, filled with hunger, loneliness, the pain of denial!


The Brave will step forward,while others fade away
The Brave offer justice, to clear the way!

New Principles of Man
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