God’s Court Clerk

The New Principles of Man


The New Principles of Man

Offered up to Mankind, on the 17th day of the 17th year

It treachery and deceit remain, in command of your soul
A place will be prepared, that’s dark and cold!

Those who seek to destroy, the seas and lands
Will be turned to dust, forever struck from the rolls of man!

Those who abuse the innocent, placed in their hands
For you agony and pain, will be the demand!

The soul has no color, no brown, white or red
Those who divide, will spend eternity in dread!

Those that seek to war, as their plan
Will be condemned to be the slaves, of the meek and the lambs!

Those that continue using ancient books, to command
There will be no trial to profess, your punishment has been planned!

Those that kill, with malice and hate
Will spend their eternity, alone, and afraid!

Those that cheat, their fellow Man
Can receive a reprieve, if they make amends!

Those that don’t believe will be welcomed, as friends
All the kind and caring will be accepted, at their end!

But those, that prevent the world from being free
You will be condemned, to suffer for eternity!

The Children

My people, my friends, the children of Man
You have harvested the earth’s gifts, but your greed has no end!

Pillage and destroy, the lands with no care
Your hopes, your dreams, are no longer there

There are those among you, that beg to be free
While other scheme and plot, conspire to deceive!

Each of you given, free will, and free thought
You have chosen to fill your minds, with what is not!

The days pass, as your world burns
There will be no past, for you to return

Your time passes, you waste it away
You fight, grumble, you have lost your way

The old words written, by men in the past
Empty and mindless, stories used to spread Man's wrath!

Stories that demand you feel guilt, and shame
Fill the coffers, of the men with the chains

The Warning

My people, my friends, the children of Man
Accept these New Principles, break the chains of ancient commands

You can have a better world, a paradise again
Your home, your family, a world full of friends

You have love, and beauty, and the kindness to care
you have strength, you have intelligence, you have a world so rare!

I will not force you as individuals, from this path
But I can end you all, with my mighty wrath!

Do not ponder, do not pause
Your future is in jeopardy, your life has a cause

When seven and ten years, has passed away
If Man has not changed, my wrath will he sway

Heaven will not, be the reward if you fail
I will erase Man’s existence, your world, and your tales!

For those of you who continue to fight, to spread lies
To deceive, to destroy, to darken the night

Your reprieve is possible, if you set things right
Your eternity, can still be filled with the light!

The Clerk has been brought, from out of the night
To move man’s world, into the light

To help name those, who cause great harm and despair
To indict them, to expose them, to show them there errors!

The Reckoning

My people, my friends, the children of Man
It is time for you to get up, to get up and stand!

Free your minds, from the chains of their commands
For their time is over, and a reckoning is at hand!

Heed my warning, but do not despair
You are strong and powerful, but please beware

Forces that creep, deep in the night
Will confuse, will prevent you, from seeing what’s right

It is your choice, you’re will, your might
Only you have the power, to push back from the night!

From this day forward, to the end of time
The New Principle’s of Man will bring peace, justice, in kind

The Belief

As you read these words, your mind fills with doubt
This is not the God, I have been told about!

This is not the belief, I hold in my mind
These are not the words, they are not divine!

These are not the commandments, I hold so dear
How can I accept them, are they even real!

The books of the past, make it perfectly clear
If I abandon them, renounce them, for my soul I must fear!

Your faith and your beliefs, seem written in stone
Passed down by those, who claim to have known

Told to you, that those are my words
But only saints, popes, and preachers were heard!

The Words

Men who use, their words to attack
To degrade, to destroy, to make your heart react!

Their words are cruel, they divide and sow doubt
They reach into your soul, and rip it out!

Passages and fraises, meaningless in hand
Useless in guiding, your life’s demands!

The words that have been given, the words you believe
They are words that have been used, to cheat, to deceive!

My words for the unjust, they may not be kind
They are meant to have meaning, to send a warning, to mankind!

They may sound cruel, with no heavenly reprieve
But Man’s future relies on the living, they must begin to see!

The Moral

Most of you are born, with goodness in your heart
Some of you have been hurt, at your life’s start

Some of you have been broken, thru cruelty and pain
Some of you have learned to hate, from others disdain

For your virtues are not from, old books, filled with words
Your morals come from, what you see, what you have heard!

What society says, that surrounds you each day
You are pliable, and malleable, and easy to sway

Told to swear allegiance, to shackles and chains
Told your salvation, can only be assured if you pray

The Reprieve

From this day forward, until the end of time
Forgiveness cannot be granted, to those that whisper in their minds!

Forgiveness cannot be a reward, for prayer
Forgiveness can only be given, to those that care

Those who make amends, for their faults
Those that make it fair, when it is not

You ask, how do I get solace without prayer
How can I heal my soul, if you are not aware?

Do acts of kindness, and take pride that you care
When you do acts of kindness, you bring me their!

The rules are simple, you don’t even have to believe
For there is only one way, to seek a reprieve

Kindness and goodness, fairness it must be
For your soul, that is the only way to eternity

The Brave

In the back of your mind, and deep in your heart
You know your world, is falling apart

You know the empty words, promises of the past
Have forsaken you, misled you, brought your world to collapse

In recent times, man has walked on the ledge
Each time passion and caring, pulled the world from the edge

A few, the brave, have stepped back from the night
Made your world better, asked others to do what’s right

For now is the time, for those who are brave
Lock arms, push forward, become the power that will sway!

The brave will expose the corruption, the wanton greed
Expose the tricks, the deception, expose the roots of deceit!

Dark forces of men are gathering, moving in the night
Waiting to trap you, to pull the chains tight

Division and violence, is their power and their flare
You must resist it, you must challenge it, you must give it no air!

I can offer you inspiration, inspiration to see
But it is you and your will, which will set the world free

You will be the hammer, you will break the chains
You will help save your world, you will bring on the new day!

The World

Seeds planted, eons ago
Created universes, vast and unknown!

From this came forth, a beautiful jewel
A world, a paradise, life, and then you

Time came and went, building your earth
Mixing and churning, shaping your birth

Creatures living, dying, learning as they go
Gradually shaped your bodies, your minds, and your souls

Oceans of life surrounded you, each day helping you grow
The Creatures taught you life, each had lessons for you to know

Rising to the top, with your power to create
Fire and light, began your fate!

Pushing back the creatures, that stocked the dark night
Learning, loving, living, things that brought forth you’re light!

Conquering the oceans, the lands, the seas
Man began to spread, planting his seeds!

Truly this became the world, of man
Ruling with power, using decrees, and commands!

The Creators

You have been given my hand, to discover and create
With free thought and will, you have the power to rule your fate

Leaps of knowledge, built tools, brought progress
Made Man better, Man could make prospects

Those who could understand the world, they see
Who could understand the forces, that be

Man now has the knowledge, to make the world again
Man also has the knowledge, to see what could bring its end!

The Destroyers

But many on your world, has been swindled and hooked
Made to think the world, is not how it looks

Told they can continue, to make their plans
Told the situation is not grave, not caused by Man

You have taken the remnants, of ancient remains
Dug them, burnt them, poisoning Man's domain!

Choking, gasping, squeezing the life from your world
The oceans are dying, poisoned by the swill!

The ancient ices are melting, draining into the seas
Without the ice of the mountains, the rivers of life cannot breathe!

Without the mighty rivers, there will simply cease to be
Creatures of the lands, and creatures of the seas

There will be no resurrections, no chance to reseed
Man is now the only one, who can offer the world’s creatures

Their reprieve!

The Chain

To weak, to thirsty, to hungry to fight
Broken bodies, millions in plight!

In agony, they whisper, with pleas in the night
Begging, crying out, praying for me to set things right!

Free thought and free will, is your given right
For this reason I cannot force you, to move to the light

For this reason I cannot punish, those still alive
I cannot imprison you, or end you, or stop your lies

I cannot save you from peril, save you from harm
I cannot heal broken lives, expose betrayal, or make them disarm!

I cannot rebuild the lands, or replenish the seas
I cannot stop the blight, that power cannot be part of me!

If I controlled your minds, and your free thoughts
If I controlled what is, and what is not

It would chain you to me, it would enslave your thoughts
Your free will forgotten, your souls would be empty and lost

The Night

Now I speak, to those who will attack
Who live in the darkness, fill their souls with Man's wrath!

Those who keep the world, in strife and decay
Those who destroy lives, for profit and pay!

Those that use their fortunes, to corrupt and sway
Others to attack, those who get in the way!

For you are offered, one final plea
This will be the last chance, for you to see!

There will be no plea accepted, as your life slips away
No heavenly reprieves, no trial to confess your betrayals

For if you do not start, to make amends today
Your souls will just simply be, wiped away!

The Houses

These words are offered, to all of Man
Not for one group or faction, not for only holy men

No demands to worship, no rituals, no prayers
No holy houses, I will not be their!

Built to divide, to separate, to tear
A house to say words, used to compare

Who is right, who is wrong
Who will stay, who will be brought along

Salvation, can only be given through confusing words
Can only be given if you agree to, ritual terms

Mystical stories, told to fill you with awe
Unnatural events, cannot defy my natural laws!

Written in the past, whose virtues and kind
Were selfish, controlling, ignorant of mind

Some truth, some caring, some lessons were shared
Inspiration, beautiful music, heartfelt charity has been there

Some goodness shone through, to bring on better ways
Beams of light, breaking through, the clouds of dark days!

But those kind words have been used, twisted, said to enslave
The houses that separate, will no longer bring you forward

They will keep you chained!

The Offering

I can only offer up, these simple lines
To help you clear your thoughts, and your mind

To free you from the beliefs, in ancient myths
They do not explain, why you exist

I offer up these words, for all of mankind
Given freely, to be understandable, not difficult to define

I offer up these words of hope, hope for a new day
Where caring will be the future, kindness will lead the way!

I offer up these simple words, no homage need be paid
No requirement to kneel, no requirement to pray

Worshiping, will not get you my love
It will not get you mercy, or spared

No chosen ones, no favored chairs
Do not pray, it does not show that you care!

For only goodness, and kindness, and care
Only when you do those, will your souls be spared

These New Principles are firm, just and right
If you all use them, embrace them, your world will be filled with light!

The Indictment

If there is no world, for children to grow
There will be no haven, for any souls to go!

You will learn no lessons, you will do no great deeds
Mankind’s time on earth will fade, and my love for you will cease!

Your indictments are pending, you have been cautioned and warned!
Your existence is in jeopardy!
There will be no reprieves!

Mankind will be gone